The Great Seattle Fire

June 6, 1889

A pot was cooking down to havoc
And mucilage and everything
Became unglued. Seattle’s maverick
Adherence to its soul would bring
A yield, though – dividends beyond that
Which sizzling ruin spares and gets
A mayor to flee from fanning winds – what
Had vacated his cabinets….
(Some cabinets will hold possessions
And others hide the truth from sight;
From some will come enlightened lessons –
Like flames that strike and stick to night.)
Within a year the folk who heard
Returned, their stock increased a third.


  1. Churchill says

    Would this have been the day? Thanks for remembering.

  2. Churchill says


  3. Jonathan Potter says

    Bravo for taking up the challenge and churning out chapter one.

    • Chapter Two – anyone? Anyone?

      Tell you what, I’ll personally grill everyone a Wisconsin-raised steak if the Kollektiv each contribute a chapter.

      (I include Angelico and Cubeland Mystic AND Churchill in this offer. In fact, anyone else who wants to contribute can as well, of course, and will be included in the steak out – but at the very least: Lickona, Potter, Webb, Quin, Southern E.P.)



  4. Thanks JOB, but I’m not a poet.

    Looks like Safeway Select for me.

    Good job.

  5. Nice work, Mr. JOB. I’ll see what I can drag up this weekend.

  6. Of course, this could be just the beginning – we could move on to San Diego, Soldiers Grove, S….


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