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Not a Cartoon Moose

Not a Cartoon Moose from 50 Hour Slam on Vimeo.

50 Hour Slam encore screening info.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:


  2. Paul S. says:

    that was amusing!.If I didn’t watch the credits I wouldn’t have seen that it was based on the work of the esteemed Mr. Potter!
    So someone decided to include a (so I married an ax-murderer) mike myers moose. Nothing cartoony about that 😀

    I’m also making use of this comment to inform Mr. Lickona that Whit Stillman has a twitter account.
    Instead of studying auditing I’m idly googling his name in the vain hope I can find a bootleg copy of Damsels… the dvd cannot be released soon enough.

    • lickona says:

      This news makes me happy. It also makes me wish that Stillman’s characters had engaged in a discussion of the moral ramifications of bootlegging/torrenting.

      • What about franking, fracking, fragging and keel hauling?

      • Paul S. says:

        Yes that would interest me greatly. I happen to work at a library part time shelving books. The library is steadily introducing ebooks, but I wonder when will they begin to offer dvd’s online? Right now, you can go to the library and get out a dvd for 3-7 days for free. So that is what I’ll be doing when the 2nd sherlock movie comes out. In theory I could just as easily torrent sherlock (the movie; I’ve already seen the 2nd season of the excellent british series by that means, it only recently was shown on pbs.) when someone gets their hands on the dvd and uploads it to the world. So one way is legit, the other not, both equally free.
        Now I’d say that I’ve found some incredible movies I intend to own hard copies of that way: Drive, The Man from Nowhere, all of Stillman’s films. Too bad Barcelona is $49 used on amazon…

        I’m opposed to bootlegging computer games-downloading “cracked” copies of games. I only play games I intend to do all the way through. And for that I want to buy it, having my money support the creation of more games like it.

        But I regularly watch tennis on european streaming sites. Unfortunately, unless I purchase a package with a ridiculous number of channels I’ll never watch, I can’t get the tennis channel, which at best will still not allow me to watch the exact match I want to see at any of the grand slams, the French, Wimbledon, US Open, or Australia.
        Tennis is a niche market, and the matches are hard to justify showing on espn and nbc/cbs(since they are apt to run long every so often-interrupting other programming) but they still do out of tradition I guess. Only the other day did I see an ad that DirectTV will enable you to watch any of 6 or so ongoing matches. The typical tv coverage only shows you federer, nadal or the other big names. But early in the tournaments, I dont want to see them destroy some wild card, I want to watch the lower ranked players battle it out.

        • lickona says:

          And watching streamed European tennis – getting up at odd hours, watching the lower-ranked players, etc. – is precisely the sort of thing that would serve as the occasion for such a conversation in Stillman-land.

  3. Churchill says:

    They’re not that bad.

    • No, they’re not that bad if your diet consists of scottish eggs, kippers, spotted dick and yorkshire pudding. Next time try some McNuggets with hot mustard and honey (otherwise known in the mother country as Queen’s Chicken a’la Leftentent Sanders).

  4. Potter, you must be tickled pink.

  5. Churchill says:


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