John Back

“When I throw the water on, the glue flew all over the shop into the shavings and everything take fire.” … shortly after … John Back left Seattle.

John Back, a Swede with lanky beard,
Was heating glue and feeling sick.
The glue smell always made a weird
Sensation in his throat, like thick
Molasses spread on char-burned toast
Each time he took a breath or swallowed.
John turned his back and thought a ghost
Said something in his ear. What followed
Made John wheel back around to see
The glue, now hot and getting hotter,
Was boiling over — blazingly —
Which made John grab a pail of water.
The water spread the gluey flame
And John left town and changed his name.


  1. Churchill says

    What sane man doesn’t change his name at some point in his life?

  2. Awesome! Now you need only come to Soldiers Grove to claim your hunk of well-cured, well-seasoned beef – grilled to perfection and served with a choice of beer, beer or beer.


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