On Fire!

Eventually, I will just start accosting people in the street, handing them a series of questions about Alphonse to ask me, and forcing them to conduct interviews.  Until then, the good people at Father Barron’s  Word on Fire will have to do.

Seriously, though, I’m very grateful.


  1. notrelatedtoted says

    It’s kind of funny to me that Alphonse is “about abortion.” Is Spiderman about the dangers of radioactive spiders? Is Captain America about the potential benefits of eugenics and steroids? It makes me think of that flap over at some other blog, wherein the writer basically pigeon-holed Alphonse as an anti-abortion hatchet piece. Legal or not, we still can’t get past the truth behind abortion.

    Any other comic book protagonist, and we’d have moved on long ago. The origin story is such a big part of comic book lore, and yet, seldom is it what the story is “about.” Alphonse IS his origin story.


    • Matthew Lickona says


      You shoulda seen my season one story arc for the proposed animated series.

      • notrelatedtoted says

        Animated series….how can this not work? Zombies are all the rage, and isn’t this basically the same thing? Murderous zombie babies with mommy issues!!!

        We need to set up our own network/studio. I’m envisioning Surfing with Mel as a Bosom Buddies-esque half hour sitcom.

        • Matthew Lickona says

          The more I play with Surfing with Mel, the more certain I am that I am not worthy. But I’m not quitting yet.

          In the series, Alphonse was a hit man, forced to do wet work because of his addiction to Frankenstein, the drug that made him what he is. His first mission was to assassinate a bunch of pro-life zealots who were planning to send a suicide bomber onto the Senate floor during a debate, in an attempt to start a Civil War a la John Brown at Harper’s Ferry…

          I’ve said too much.

  2. It will be obnoxious really. All these people asking when the next one comes out. Finally, your mailbox will read, “Matthew Lickona, yes THE Matthew Lickona. Now leave me alone.”

  3. Well, he’s taken a plane.

    And he’s drunk your liquor(as have we all).

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Mea culpa.

    Mea culpa.

    Mea optima culpa!

  5. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Mr Lickona, your interviews about Alphonse started good, and keep getting better!

    If you keep this up, in a few years (if not months), the interviews may be so comprehensive, insightful, and entertaining as to obviate all need and/or desire to publish the final 3/5 of the story.

    At which point you might as well return the monies I have donated (plus interest).

  6. Let the buzz accumulate.

    Huzzah huzzah! Rhubarb in the suburb! Rhubard in the suburb!


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