Lord help me, I never could stand this show.  But The Wife loved it.  Anyway, now it’s over.  Still, there will never be a finale as awful as Lost‘s.  I’m looking at you, Potter.


  1. The mention of the Lost finale still makes me an experience an emotion I can best describe as fury. Matthew, I would love to read your thoughts on that if you have any links to prior articles, posts, or whatnot. (Fury makes me too lazy to Google, to do anything but seethe.)

    • Or Potter for that matter! Or anyone. Wondering if the Korrektiv had a collective take.

    • notrelatedtoted says

      I liked it……..

      • notrelatedtoted says

        The ending to Lost, I mean. I never watched House.

        • Matthew Lickona says

          Potter liked it okay as well, if memory serves. But if memory really served, I would have forgotten ever seeing that infuriating show.

          • notrelatedtoted says

            The show was infuriating at times. The glowing cave and donkey wheel were two aspects that were particularly stupid. But I dug the faith and reason aspect – very Fides et Ratio, if you get my drift. Emphasis on the et.

  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Simpson did it.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      So he did! That’s how it is with the good stuff – I steal it, but don’t realize it, because it’s lodged so deep in me that it feels like I’m coming up with it.

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Give me some words of House,
    Some words he growls while high,
    Some snark that helps him spot the clue
    Clearer than MRI,
    Though the fact that saves the patient’s
    One she would deny,
    Because House expects her lie.

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    I did a Christmas/House/Korrektiv thing awhile back. Triangulating.

    It is a show my wife and I like to watch, but we’re a few seasons behind. I especially like those rare episodes when there’s a patient with faith who gives House pause for a nanosecond. The show she likes but I can only glance at is Gray’s Anatomy.

    Yeah, I did come around to coming down on the side of being at peace with the Lost finale. I didn’t immediately love it, but I was okay with it. The last few seasons didn’t stand up to the first few seasons, but that was a tall order to stand up to. On the whole I’m in awe that they held it together and managed any kind of finale at all. I wished it were something grittier and more real, but heaven was okay.

    By the way, sorry I’ve been absent. Got sick (the common cold but it kicked my ass). And then got busy. And sick and busy is a sucky combo.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Well done mentioning sickness in a comment on House.

      • Matthew Lickona says

        p.s. I’m just glad we watched an episode while at the abbey. Very fitting, given the Percy/Lost connection.

        A body could write a book about that weekend.

  5. I’ve never seen it, but the main character looks a good deal like my brother in law who lives in Kansas – and remarkably in a way that he does not in Jeeves and Wooster.

    I mention this because my Kansas relation recently became a Korrektiv reader and (since he may or may not be reading this comment) no doubt will not take offense to my comparison.

    If he does, however, I will take full responsibility for the loss of readership.


  6. notrelatedtoted says

    Look what I found.

    And look at the date it was posted.


    • The Korrektiv: The Donkey Wheel that Secretly Drives the Internet.

    • Okay, I did love that show, even if the ending was infuriating. But even the ending had its moments, like this one:

      It doesn’t matter / All of this matters

      I thought this scene was BRILLLLLLIANT, the way it showed what is maybe two sides of the same coin? Liberation, spiritual ecstasy, a feeling of having already been saved, and detachment from “the things of this island” on the one hand, renewed purpose, conviction, investment in and commitment to “the things of this island” on the other.

      • What ARE maybe two signs of the same coin. I hate when I proofread after the fact.

        • See, that exposition is great, and probably justified. But by that point, I was completely unmoored from the characters, and felt like they were completely unmoored from anything resembling a story. It was cool riffing, nothing more. For me, anyway.

          • Well, I didn’t feel unmoored from the characters, which is why a scene like this could still resonate with me. Desmond and Jack were each on their own “journeys” (I hate that word), and their development as characters still felt to me authentic. They were evolving in their own unique ways, spiritually, and for one it meant one thing, while for the other it meant something completely different. Their paths made sense to me. Where they ended up felt consistent and made sense with where and who they’d been, and there was some real satisfaction in that, the character arcs.

            Plus I guess I just like this whole idea of spiritual growth being, at its best and most authentic, mysterious and kind of wild, not linear and predictable.

            But ideas are easy. Story is hard! I agree with you 100% about the plot. In terms of plot the ending was a total cop out. That’s why I write essays. And that’s why I hate Lost.

            Kind of.

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