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“The Rabbi of Chelm” takes Prairie Du Chien by storm!

Critics are raving about the new hit play from the 4H “Nifty Neighbors” Creative Consortium which can be seen in it’s entirety here.

Written by JOB, yes, but more importantly, made a reality because Mrs. JOB courageously assumed the directorial duties – giving the lie to the idea that women only have to be BEHIND men of great deeds – sometimes they’re well out in front doing the most excellent work. “Sweet fragile creatures,” indeed!

And many many hands to help behind the scenes too – thanks to you all!

(With apologies for the poor sound quality, I simultaneously doff a big ten-gallon Stetson to Paul and Liz Bransky for having the wherewithal to record it in the first place (my day job prevented me from attending the one-day opening/closing performance, alas!))

Also, if you actually want to follow along, the complete script can be found here.


  1. Jonathan Webb says:

    Excellent stage management combined with classic comedy.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

      He succeeded in giving a lot of actors plenty (but not overwhelmingly much) to do.

      Good job, JOB.

      • You’re perceptive – that’s exactly what I’m asked to shoot for when I write these things – give older kids a chance for some red meat parts and younger kids something to do on stage other than look like their “extras”.

        I wrote up an Oriental version of “Stone Soup” two years ago along the same lines – it also won the top local 4H prize that year. (It ain’t the writing so much as it’s the acting. We got some fearless kids in our little troupe…)


        • Jonathan Potter says:

          Fabulous, JOB! How many in the troupe are your offspring? I picture you touring the countryside in a mule-drawn circus wagon, putting on shows and spectacles, Papa Joseph sitting back and sneaking drinks of whiskey while the children entertain the crowds and pick their pockets.

          • That’s about right – but it’s a mule-drawn 15-passenger Ford van (white, of course)…

            I am laughing loudly and longly at your comment, by the way!


          • This last outing featured just about all of ’em. The oldest appeared in another play – but for instance the Farmer is my first mancub and one of the boys with the shovel (in vest and shirtsleeves) is mancub #2. The animals and family members are peppered with daughters, too.

  2. (applause)

    That may be the first time a 4-H event uttered the word Rabbi.

    So are there going to be skits at the Gerasene Conference?

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of handing out parts for a read-through of Harvey. My wife and I have a half-hatched plan to produce and stage the thing for the neighbors. We would, in part, be revisiting the roles we played in a college production of The Importance of Being Earnest – she Lady Bracknell and I Jack Worthing. This time, we thought we might really creep out the kiddies – I’d play Elwood to her Veta.

      Also, I’ve been commissioned to write a Southern gospel version of a Greek tragedy for next year’s 4h play. Daunting but irresistable – of course I accepted the challenge….


    • IC,

      Also, I would think Postville, Iowa’s 4H chapter(s) might hear the word once in a while…


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