The Kollektiv Komes Klean

When Korrektiv was all set to move from larval to pupal stage – from Blogspot to Word Press, from trio to sextet, from mere blog to full-fledged press, etc. etc. – we turned to Southern Expat for Ye Olde Redesign. The results spoke (and speak) for themselves.  HOWEVER, like the rats of NIMH, we harbored a shameful theft in our midst:  the avatar images, lifted from the brilliant Edward Gorey.  This was, I confess, entirely my fault.  Now, at the very end of Lent 2012, I have finally made things right, contracting with Kollektiv favorite (and rising star) Daniel Mitsui to provide us with an original and highly legal (i.e. paid for, albeit at bargain rates) set of avatars, based on actual photographs of the Kollektiv gathered from NSA sources. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present you with, clockwise from upper left:  JOB, Quin, Potter, Expat, Lickona, Webb.  Mitsui is the man.


  1. Particularly like the one with the sword in the head. Who wouldn’t want that as an avatar?

    These are purty darn cool. Nice work Mr Mitsui!

  2. These are so cool. Props to the artist.

  3. Wow. You guys are geniuses just for thinking of this. This blog is now officially way too cool for the likes of me.

    • Southern Expat says

      It’s all thanks to Lickona. The avatarage and the general Air de Cool. Well, I dunno, the other guys are pretty cool, too. I’m just the chaperone.

      Daniel Mitsui is amazing.

      • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

        It’s not too hard to figure out: you see it every day,
        And those that were the farthest out have gone the other way.
        You see them on the freeway, it don’t look like a lot of fun,
        But don’t you try to fight it: ‘An idea whose time has come.’

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    So that’s what JOB’s hair looks like when he takes off his tweed flat-cap.

    They’re all good, but Webb’s is the best. EPIC FLAIL!

  5. The Duffer says

    My two favorite parts: the rodent on Quin’s shoulder, and Expat’s eye-bird.

    And I do recognize Lickona as one of the demons at St Joseph Seminary–but which one?

    • Well, since it appears that I may be in utero, I suppose I’m the spawn of the lot of them. Or perhaps I am a new addition: the anxiety warned against in the canon?

  6. The Duffer says

    The look is not quite anxiety. You and Potter are the only ones with arms. His are open, yours are closed. You are also the only one who is visibly frowning–though the eyes look happy to be frowning.

    I’m very confused.

    …And also disturbed that Potter’s head is about to fall into his loincloth.

  7. Quin Finnegan says

    Yep, the rat is all that. Lickona looks a little like Albert Einstein, which is just fine.

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