O Filii et Filiæ

Dignity, gravity, and meditative sobriety combine with Easter joy in this hymn, a favorite of mine. The verses on the doubting of Thomas are especially moving.

Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia!
O sons and daughters of the King,
Whom heav’nly hosts in glory sing,
Today the grave hath lost its sting!
That Easter morn, at break of day,
The faithful women went their way
To seek the tomb where Jesus lay.
An angel clad in white they see
Who sits and speaks unto the three,
“Your Lord will go to Galilee.”
That night the Apostles met in fear;
Among them came their master dear
And said: “My peace be with you here.”
When Thomas first the tidings heard
That they had seen the risen Lord,
He doubted the disciples’ word.
“My piercèd side, O Thomas, see,
And look upon My hands, My feet;
Not faithless but believing be.”
No longer Thomas then denied;
He saw the feet, the hands, the side;
“You are my Lord and God!” he cried.
How blest are they that have not seen
And yet whose faith has constant been,
For they eternal life shall will.
On this most holy day of days
Be laud and jubilee and praise:
To God your hearts and voices raise.
Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia!


  1. My favorite Easter hymn as well. Thank you.

  2. This hymn you posted is a good “see you on the other side” companion piece to one of my top ten ever most favorite pieces:


    And the text is here:


    On their “Sumer is Icumen In” album, the Hilliard Ensemble does a good job of it too of it, but I can’t find it online anywheres.

    Here’s the playlist anyway – I can’t tell if you can actually play any of it though…


    Thanks for this!


    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Joy poignant as grief. God bless you, JOB; the poet of ‘Stond wel moder under rode’; and the makers of the video you linked. Thank you!

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