The Tax Code was only a practice swing…

If it weren’t so purdy, it’d be enough to make you…um, sick.

P.S. Note the presence of the IRS – like a radioactive isotope emanating it’s own brand of death deep in the heart of the beautiful monster’s heart…



  1. Cubeland Mystic says


    Could you please dig a little a deeper to find out where the Termination Centers are located?

  2. There’s a certain alarming resemblance here to those malignant fibrils that float around in the background of Alphonse.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Reminds me of the yarn scene in A Beautiful Mind and just as crazy.

    Thanks JOB.

    • That WAS real, you know!


      • cubeland mystic says

        What “WAS” real? Are you saying that diagram IS real? There is no “WAS” in government.

        • The diagram has its own ontological issues to work out, of course, but I was referring to the yarn scene in the Russell Crowe movie.

          I’m in on the idea that this is supposed to be what a schizophrenic with an imaginary friend is supposed to look like. But I saw. I saw what he saw. It was REAL!


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