More good news coming out of Wisconsin…

And just in time for the summer! In a rare display of bipartisanship, Cheeseland politicians came together, pretty much unanimously, in a political climate that is (to put it mildy) contentious. Both the governor and many senators are up for recall this summer; the state supreme court has allegedly come to fisticuffs on at least one occasion, and the Packers lost to the New York Giants in the playoffs.

So this bit of news, reported in the Milwaukee Sentinel, comes as a welcomed break in the tension for all four branches of Wisconsin government: the executive, legislative, judicial and domestic!


  1. Churchill says

    I don’t like the cartoon, I’m sorry, but I don’t.

  2. Churchill says

    You’re kicking me when I’m down.

  3. Churchill says

    I like the pictures of the bottles, though.

  4. Churchill says

    I put beer and lemonade in a bottle the other day, and I decided to drink it on the tube home, and it was funny when I noticed someone could smell it, almost like going out in pyjamas, but then I remembered it was illegal to drink on the tube and so I put it away.

  5. Churchill says

    You can delete the last comment, thanks.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Excellent post and comment. You are a bunch of wags.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Sir Walter Raleigh to His Son’

      Three things there be that prosper up apace
      And flourish, whilst they grow asunder far;
      But on a day, they meet all in one place,
      And when they meet, they one another mar.
      And they be these: the wood, the weed, the wag.
      The wood is that which makes the gallow tree;
      The weed is that which strings the hangman’s bag;
      The wag, my pretty knave, betokeneth thee.
      Mark well, dear boy, whilst these assemble not,
      Green springs the tree, hemp grows, the wag is wild;
      But when they meet, it makes the timber rot,
      It frets the halter, and it chokes the child.
      Then bless thee, and beware, and let us pray
      We part not with thee at this meeting day.

      • Angelico,

        Would you please stop being so good?

        Korrektiv: Ignore the posts, read the comments.

        Good onya!


        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

          Gee wiz, JOB, that’s kind. A few responses:

          1) The blog commentator’s role is that of a benign parasite, benefiting the host it feeds on.

          2) The blogger provides the occasion to which he challenges his commentators to rise.

          3) The posts anticipate the comments; the comments fulfill the posts.

  7. Quin Finnegan says

    Jugs. That’s all I have to say: “jugs”.

  8. Quin Finnegan says

    Tomorrow afternoon … it’s gone be shameful.

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