Forty Thousand

I’m going begging on behalf of Alphonse again over at the site.  One dollar apiece from forty-thousand souls.  It could happen.  The web is a wondrous place.  If you find yourself so inclined, please spread the word.  Sample color page:



  1. 39,994 to go. I’ll share it too. Sorry I couldn’t do more.

  2. Done.

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says


    Mighty MATT LICKONA is ready to roar back with boatload of brand-new spine-tingling tales of terror, all in the famous Fallen Man manner! But fair warning, Korrektiv Kaballeros — this isn’t the book you’ve been waiting for. But don’t look so glum, chum: We’re talking ‘full-color phantasmagoria’ — in digi-delic KORREKTOKROME! Believe me, folks, this one’s an eye-popper! But unfortunately it’s still a fallen world, so Mighty Matt can’t hand these funnybooks out for free. You know the drill: Donate early and often! That’s the Korrektiv way — and that’s how we’ll all get ALPHONSE!


    • Matthew Lickona says

      Oh, my stars and garters.

      • notrelatedtoted says


        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says


          The Precocious Problem Child stirred up plenty of trouble in MATT (Ladykiller) LICKONA and CHRIS (Go-for-Broke) GUGLIOTTI’s latest and greatest thrill-a-minute ish — but he’s not the only one: Yours Truly made a massive mess of his own. And unlike ALPHONSE, I’m old enough to pick up after myself!

          It all started (as it usually does!) down here in the combox — or as you, o Kompadres, know it, the K-O Korral. As you may remember, I was shooting from the hip (or writing on deadline — same diff!) and fired off a reference to our Unborn Antihero as ‘the UNSTOPPABLE AVENGER’. Hardly had the ink dried before a torrent of your letters came flooding in — with Angelico Nguyen in the unenviable role of Pharaoh’s charioteers! And every letter, card, telegram, and brick-with-a-note-on-it was covered in question marks: Apparently my sloppy sobriquet caused some confusion!

          So to set the record straight, Kaballeros, let me assure you that while our favorite Miniature Misbegotten Misanthrope most definitely WILL continue AVENGING here at the Korrektiv House of Words, he won’t be slumming with the starting lineup over at the ‘House of Ideas’ — or is it ‘House of Mouse’? — anytime soon! We think you’ll agree, Faithful Fallen-Man Minions, that the Fearsome Fetus wouldn’t fit in with that crowd anyway: Alphonse may be Incredible, Amazing, Astonishing, Uncanny, or even Invincible — but a team player, he ain’t! Heaven help us if our Unstoppable Avenger survives into his Terrible Twos! But that sounds like a story for another ish.

          File this one under ‘Confessions and/or Retractions and/or Korrektions’!

          ‘NUFF SAID!

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    I got Holy Land Mystic to donate the true relic of the actual Widow’s Mite. He’s got it up on eBay rightnow.

  5. Bernardo says

    Dude, if you want this shared you *need* to get a social media share button for that particular post. People are too lazy to copy and paste things to their Facebook wall!

  6. Not sure if you address this on the comic page because it is blocked here at work but you need to do this as a project and offer a digital version, a hard-copy version, and original comic art for different levels of support. I’d support at a $20 or $30 level depending on the premium.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      That’s awfully thoughtful of you to offer as counsel, and there is much wisdom in it. In fact, I raised the $10,000 to produce the black and white versions of issues one and two largely via Kickstarter. But my efforts for issue three stalled out pretty badly. The thought this time was to get a whole mess of people to just toss a dollar in the hat, and skip the Kickstarter bite. But you’re right that premiums are a big motivator. Thanks again for the word, perhaps it is the best way to go.

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