“Do Pre-Persons Dream of Algebra?”

Well, look at that, Alphonse (and other attempts at getting at the infinite mystery and fragile pricelessness of personhood through fiction) isn’t kid’s stuff, after all… At least, not if we’re to believe what the esteemed and delightfully grumpy Thomas Fleming has to say about Philip K. Dick…

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  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Yes! Oddly, no one’s made a movie of that one yet.

    • That warranted a fb wall post.
      Btw, watched Battle Royale for the first time 2 nights ago after reading your colleague’s comment on the film blog. The movie’s pretty wild… does away with the pretense of making everyone look pretty, its just go on kill em all. Very well made film, I’d say. Not on the level of a Drive or The Man From Nowhere, but was enjoyable.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, odd.

    Didn’t know this about the man. Liked him already. Love him now.

    Thanks JOB.

    Great pic.

  3. Freaky picture

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