Who the hell looks for grace anymore?

Well, in reviving Ibsens’ “Master Builder” for screen, apparently Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory do, but you have to dig down to the end of the Grey Biddy’s take on it to find it.


At any rate, I’ve never seen the other work this duo has done (I will confidentially reserve my mea culpas for a movie which is literally nothing more than two men talking). Is it the case, though, that if you’re big  (small?) enough in the business you get away with saying things like this:

Mr. Gregory, who will play the infirm old Brovik, an aging employee of Solness’s [in the play], said that if done correctly, the film could be an intimate meditation on finding grace “just as the clock is about to strike midnight.”

“You realize when you get to my age,” said the 77-year-old Mr. Gregory, “that you hopefully will still do some more work. But the last great creative adventure is dying in a positive way.”

h/t Althouse


  1. Creepy-ish text, very nice picture, if wrong in terms of perspective, and: who’s on the other end!

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks JOB.

  3. Churchill says

    I think you’ve posted it before, haven’t you?

  4. Churchill says

    Anyway, Dappled Things arrived and I didn’t finish reading the last one, thank you, although I remember the end.

  5. That movie that is nothing more than two men talking is actually pretty good. I won’t say it’s great, but pretty good. One of the many digressions … actually, the whole movie is just a series of digressions … is a long reflection on drama and religion that seems downright Girardian in retrospect.

    But this looks great. What with the Kierkegaard-Ibsen connection … throw in a car chase, like McQueen’s Bullit, and they wouldn’t have to confine themselves to the art houses.

    • Quinn.

      No, I’m sure you’re right. Like I said, I reserve the right on my standing barefoot in the snow outside the gates of the cultural papacy, but that’s not to say I’m not game to see the movie.

      And you’re right about the car chases – but why stop there? Let ’em go all Jake and Elwood on the thing!

      “The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year!”


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