In honor of Jonathan Webb’s birthday.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I’ve rented the pool for my birthday and you’re all invited. It will be closed to the general public. My mom made me invite Potter even though he’s always mean to me. My parents are friends of the Potters.

    There will be hot dogs with catsup, tiny bags of chips that are hard to open and a sheet cake with lard frosting.

    Remember to wait thirty minutes after you drink a Fanta to get in the water.

    Otherwise, you’ll get a side ache.

  2. The Lone Deranger says

    And no peeing in the pool!

  3. The Lone Deranger says

    Taking bets whether Lickona will show up wearing the scapular.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      I need to get me another one of those someday. My last one was ripped off by a rabid Catholic groupie looking to get a piece of the piety. You know how it is.

  4. Southern Expat says

    Happy birthday, Mr. Webb!

  5. Mr. Webb,

    Happy nativity! And thanks for the note about the Men in Blue winning XLVI…

    Have one for me; I am/will be doing the same for you.


  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks to all.

    Don’t forget Potter on the 10th. He could use a Vermont Teddy Bear or one of those Hickory Farms gift sets.

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