Blessed are the poor…

…in America, for they shall inherit a refrigerator, a plasma TV, a DVD player,  cable or satellite TV, Internet, video games, a car or truck, a microwave, and air conditioning.

Something to think about in this season of taxgiv- I’m sorry, I mean almsgiving… 

Best tip: give to Catholic Charities/CRS, the most efficient domestic/overseas organizations going. BONUS: It’s been run by an organization that’s been in the charity business for well over 2000 years…


  1. Help me understand your reason for posting this image in conjunction with that article.

    • Sorry. Thought it was clear from the fact that Calhoun serves up the clincher regarding the Federal goverment’s own version of a “peculiar institution.”


      • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

        I was bewildered too, Expat.

        The mind of JOB is a galaxy so vast, we lesser mortals sometimes need help to pick out the constellations.

        • I mean, to me, that image is fairly shocking (not, like, “I have never seen such a thing!” but provokes a strong reaction), and in conjunction with the text of the post, would make it seem like you’re talking about poverty in terms of a black underclass and contrasting it to slavery? Or something?

      • Jonathan Webb says

        Private charity seems like the way to go. Based on what I see on the streets in Seattle everyday, the whole “safety net” makes people worse. Empirical data of course, but I know that a lot of these people with signs also get Social Security disability. A lot of the people in mission dining rooms also get food stamps. Their behavior in public is often reprehensible even with a huge public subsidy. No sense of gratitude on the part of recipients, no sense of sacrifice on the part of taxpayers. Only resentment on both sides. Kind of satanic, really. You have to wonder what is happening in the spriritual realm. But, that might be the design.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    $1200? For a negro?

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    How much would anyone pay for me? Full disclosure, I have a bad knee, a weak back and I can lift my left arm no hire than my head.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Wouldn’t life be great if people payed that amount just to talk to a black person?

  5. What on earth? I know I’ve been pigenholed as the Subtext Sleuth, but my attitude towards this comment thread is becoming decidedly Churchillian. Which is to say, what on earth?

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Maybe I misunderstand, but here’s my best guess:

      This is probably about slavery, not race. I think JOB is making an analogy like this:

      Present-day taxpayers (who are compelled to pay for other people’s — i.e., government aid recipients’ — luxuries out of their own labor) are like slaves (who were compelled to pay for other people’s — i.e., their ‘masters” — luxuries out of their own labor).

      I’m not 100% sure, Expat, but I think that is what JOB is getting at.

      JOB, is that it?

      • Sort of. I was simply pointing up the mild irony of the main proponent of antebellum slavery (Calhoun) also foreseeing the “new slavery” of the federally mandated servile state. I wasn’t as worried about the taxpayer (at least he has money!) but about the so-called poor, who rather than whipped and chained into submission are being mollified by so many “gifts” of the welfare toybox.

        Sorry if the poster is offensive. I thought it’s “shout” was no more nor less than what Flannery would have called for had she become an orator instead of a fictioner.


  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Sorry, but I got smitten with the word “negro.” Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. There is also “negress.”

    Negress on the egress.

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