Korrektiv: The Early Years


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    Is that Mrs L?

    Is that a Mao hat?

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Whoever she is, she is smokin’.

      • She is indeed smoking – probably one of JOB’s. (That’s him on the right.) She is indeed Mrs. L. As for the hat, it’s like I told you – my family are Democrats from way back.

        • Cubeland Mystic says

          I remember the Morrissey poster pic from way back. There was another pic with you JOB and you are wearing your Mao hat. By any chance is that at a place called the “Living Room?”

      • well as the kids are saying…
        smokin’s an understatement.

  2. And here’s the bit of poetry I wrote for the occasion (somewhat revised over the 20 years since first penned).

    Well, of all the suitors, you know, the czar
    Was quite the most bizarre, if you ask me.
    Imagine…imagine, not wanting to sleep with
    Because of your wife. Why pay suit at all?
    Well, it was beyond me….And all that treasure?
    No wonder he lost his country. And his palaces.
    But I heard from the czar once more after that.
    He wrote me, though he’d never slept with me,
    The queer man. There’s him in that photograph.
    It was taken during a vacation on the Black Sea
    In a row boat some peasants had lent him,
    Old and worm-eaten. And he…floating there.
    Why the Black Sea? and him…floating there?

    Then there was the dear old dead archduke,
    His pleasant seaside, the palace he had
    Was too, too much…And fireworks in the sand
    Killed the season in September.
    Night was coming on
    When we all went indoors.
    That was when my husband was away
    At another time. And I used to lean
    Across his shadow to say in that way,
    “See, dukey, the moon is a sliver,
    See, a sliver – without a single star to see!”
    And the cottage lights
    Went out, one by one, along
    The curving shore, leaving
    Little to be desired.
    Little more was ever said.


  3. The arm’s too long.

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