House of Words Deleted Scenes: Limerick #12

There once was a house made of words.
Inside lived some humans and birds.
Laid out in the cage
Was a newspaper page
Where the words merged with feathers and turds.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Cf. ‘What Happened at the University Library’, lines 4-6:

    for the books had turned into mere pigeons.
    And their droppings may have been symbols,
    but what did they mean? […]

  2. Cut and paste, ha, ha. Is that when you copy something or is it when you re-arrange what you’ve written yourself?

    • I think ‘cut and paste’ could apply to either case, Churchill.

      Come to think of it, ‘re-arranging what you’ve written yourself’ might really be a special kind of ‘copying something’: You ‘copy’ pieces of ‘what you’ve [previously] written yourself’, such that the copied pieces are in new positions relative to each other.

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