They also serve who only stand and blog.

Well, crap.  In the time it’s taken me to whine about how I never have time to write anything, David Athey has gone and written another novel, Christopher.  (Sharp Former Friends of Godsbody may recall my bit at the Image blog about his first effort, the lovely Danny Gospel.  Oh, Andrew McNabb, we were writers once, and young.  You were gonna start a press…)  Anyway, head on over to Amazon and do a pre-order thingy if the mood strikes you.  I haven’t seen a whit of this, but I do know the man can write.  And just as I was writing this, I found out that he’s gone and started a website for Christian writers:  Words, Church, and Mystics!  Well, well, well.


  1. Laconic Catholic says

    I’ve seen Athey’s poems in Dappled Things. Seems pretty good. Anyone here read the new novel?

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