I suggest Second Daughter, in the Family Room, with the Poisoned Popcorn


  1. Southern Expat says

    This is so sweet, even though I know you’re posting this to push the Pushcart further down the page.

    And we have those popcorn holders, too! I never remember to use them, though.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says

    I was thinking Sleeping Beauty.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      My guess: She is mocking the attitudes of despair and surrender into which her father so often flings himself.

      • Cubeland Mystic says

        May I suggest Daddy on his 3rd bourbon?

        • You can’t spell “Bulleit Bourbon” without “I bullet bourbon.”

          • Cubeland Mystic says

            This is for you and your homeboy (JOB). It may be too rough for the blog. Adult language content.


            • I respect Modern Drunkard, always have. But I will not drink for a principle over drinking for pleasure, i.e., “I am a rotgut man.” It’s reverse hipsterism. I am an ordinary man. I drink the best bourbon I can afford. Price matters. Quality matters. That said, I wish I had tried the Winn-Dixie Bourbon I saw in New Orleans.

              • Cubeland Mystic says

                I wanted to write a series of articles on hipsterism on my old blog with respect to food and wine. BTW, I have not drank of the fruit of the vine since I drank it with you.

                One small caveat, I have drank a few glasses of homemade stuff, but not even a bottle of that. That does not count in the commercial sense of wine.

                • Matthew Lickona says

                  Good heavens – a genuine ascetic. I can only look on in wonder. Really.

                  • Cubeland Mystic says

                    I retired from drinking bad wine marketed to hipsters. It is hard to determine true passion from hipster insecurity. I expected more from the French. Admittedly my bad. I broke my rule.

                    That is why I wanted to write the articles. It bugs me to see pasta con broccoli raab going for 16 bucks a plate in trendy restaurants. You eat that stuff when you are starving not when you can afford 16 dollars a plate. It makes you want to get a whip and drive the money changers out of the temple.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    Thanks Matthew, I would like to read that.

    It reminds me of this


    I love this film/book.

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