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Today in Casanova.

Just everything about this article.  But maybe especially this, from a fellow recalling his being presented with the manuscript:

“I was completely ignorant of the existence of this manuscript,” Mr. Racine said in an interview. “It had never been put on display. But there was no doubt it was authentic. It was an unforgettable moment. It was almost as if we were in front of a religious relic.”


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    ‘The exhibition celebrates sensuality and life, considered as an everlasting* feast.’

    *For certain values of ‘everlasting’.

  2. “We are particularly proud of presenting, for the first time ever, this great masterpiece of French literature,” Mr. Racine said. “Casanova was a man who loved women, a charmer, not a predator who exploited them. He was always tender, never cruel. A feminist.”

    Mr. Racine (and why not Mr. Corneille or Mr. Moliere?) is more correct than he knows. I’m reading Elizabeth Fox-Genovese’s 2003 Princeton lectures on marriage.

    “Marriage,” she states in her second lecture, “has come under increasingly heavy fire, attacked especially by feminists, who depict it as the cradle and guarantor of women’s oppression. Ironically, the form of marriage they attack is rarely traditional marriage, which they tend to relegate to outer darkness. Instead, they focus on the modern forms, which have contributed most directly to a growing respect for women as persons – and ultimately to the possiblity of their enjoying many of the same opportunities for independence as men. In other words, their target is only peripherally the world of patriarchal power and arranged or coerced marriages. Their real target is modern domestic marriage, with its attempt to bind marriage to love and to provide domestic happiness for women.”

    Feminism: Fighting for the degradation of women, yesterday AND today.


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    I saw an advertisment poster for a local mall which showed a bull looking out on a field full of cows. The byline read, “too bad you can only have one.”

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