“…the first golden tendrils of dawn…”

The Argument

Profane and bold as a cache of cash,
Here’s another with bloody claim to stake –
Are mortal coils, then, destined to clash
When there’s more to lose than there is to make?


  1. A poem that seems full of significance, but I don’t exactly understand it.

    Received and discreet were both spelt incorrectly.

    • Churchill,

      That’s because it’s not done yet. The poem is chapter two of a verse novel(la?) I’ve been batting around for about two years.

      Be patient – and thanks for the spellcheck. You should start charging by the word! I found “discreet” but what line is received misspelled in? (Sorry, Friday, dull of wits and low on beer.)


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Did you by any chance take that photo?

    • Matthew,

      No. I only wish I did.

      If you trot on over to Gerasene and shuffle on down to the bottom the entry linked here, you’ll see the photosource – I followed your example on Flickr – I guess they might have lawyers and shit.


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