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Stalin’s Daughter Lived and Died Just 30 Miles from the Numerous Hiking and Camping Opportunities Offered By JOB’s Compound in Darkest Wisconsin

Well, hello there, Lana Peters.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Life ain’t easy for a girl named Stalin.

  2. notrelatedtoted says

    “She says she hated her father because he destroyed her life twice: by refusing to allow her to marry a filmmaker in Russia and then preventing her from studying art and film.”

    Isn’t that kind of like hating Hitler because he had bad breath?

    • “My Dad ruled over possibly the most murderous regime in human history, and all I got was this lousy political science degree.”

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    She wasn’t a happy camper.

    • Cubeland Mystic says


      You unlucky SOB, you could have gone over and drank Vodka with her. It would have been good Vodka too. Think of the levels of commiseration that could have been achieved. Irish American Poet, Russian Expat, and daughter of great mass murderer of 20th Century. (See comments on Hobbes in earlier post for a tangential reference.) Think of the depths of human misery that you could have explored together. The history of suffering could have been re-written. Then out of the blue her twenty something grand niece from Chornygrad, Irina Dzhozefovna, steps into the room unannounced. Two hundred million volts of electricity shoot down your spine as you behold the height of Slavic beauty. Her beauty is redemptive, such that it atones for the atrocities committed a hundred years past. Then she sits down with you and her Tetya to kill off that bottle of vodka an talk about Russian literature.

      It could have been a glorious experience.

      • Back in the lively days of the Kickapoo Free Press (RIP), I had half a thought to try to get an interview. She wasn’t talking to anyone at that point, though – no exceptions.

        Too bad I didn’t know Jodee was friends with her. That might just have been my in. After all I just bought beer and a book off him last week, after all.

        Next time you’re in Richland Center, do stop in:

        (My only complaint is that he overstocks the IPA’s, which are fine, but I don’t want to drink a whole six pack of ’em. Burn my damn tongue off…)

        All the same, I might have to do a field study on OB&L and bring back a report to the Korrektiv.

        Stay tuned…


  4. I thought she lived in South Carolina?

  5. I have checked: it was a mistake in a British newspaper.

  6. By the way, where you make that left turn onto Rte 171 – the place called “Rolling Ground” is an unincorporated little hamlet composed of a church, a graveyard and a tavern.

    But you probably all knew that already.


    p.s. Murphy’s Rolling Ground Bar and Grill( great burgers, cold cheaply priced beer and excellent service (always order the burger with fried onions!).

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