Marion Montgomery, RIP

“For the poet, the mystery of esse [being] lies in his percpetion of ens [a being] and the challenge to his art is to embody his vision of being.” – Marion Montgomery, 1925-2011.

His most famous work is the trilogy The Prophetic Poet and the Spirt of the Age, which includes “Why Flannery O’Connor Stayed Home,” “Why Poe Drank Liquor,” and “Why Hawthorne Was Melancholy.” These and others can be found for the having here.



  1. Matthew Lickona says

    With Walker Percy at the Tupperware Party! Best title ever. I put down my pen.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Looks like a nice man. Thanks JOB.

  3. has the same name as the singer who first recorded ‘that’s life’ in 63 or 4. maybe somebody should post the song in this man’s honour. seems appropriate.

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