Look What Came in the Mail

JOB held this contest, see, and then he sent out prizes, including a sweet little copy of Updike’s Endpoint for moi, see.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Yes, it was all a ploy to get us hooked on free trial issues of the La Crosse Catholic Times; yes, I’m disturbed by the necromancy JOB must have practiced to conjure the Percy and Kierkegaard signatures on the certificates; but yes, I hope JOB runs this contest again in 2012, prizes or no.

    JOB, ‘Figures of Speech’ is a wonderful read and a perfect prize. THANK you.

  2. I got mine in the mail today! And considering that I only got honorable mention, the book I received – Pindar’s Odes, tranlated by Richard Lattimore – is simply the best.

    Thank you!

    • Well, you all deserved what you got.

      THAT’S the Catholic way.

      Speaking of which, if someone could contact Bob the Ape, please let him know his prize is still waiting for him: I have no address to which to send, though.


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Congratulations to both for the prestigious awards.

  4. Got mine.

    Much thanks!

  5. Many thanks, Padron!

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