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Holiday Peace Offering

I’m terribly sorry for allowing my Annual Christmas Freakout to seep into the comment boxes, and all I can do is share this with you in the hopes that you, too, can picture the super-intense serious moments that typified the filming of Twilight: Imprinting On Walls.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    No worries, Expat! Your Christmas freakout is nothing compared to King Herod’s.

    (Too soon?)

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Talking to an X on a wall just sounds like an ordinary interaction with your average Seattle hipster.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    If I were a method actor I would make sure there is an X I can address in every screen shot because it reminds me of my painful childhood.

    However, I’m more in the English tradition of someone like Olivier.

  4. Evil.

  5. Sorry, that was a joke. Perhaps not an appropriate one.

  6. Jonathan Potter says

    Peace offering? Like forcing us to eat a spoonful of vaseline is going to smooth things over?

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    This is a test comment. Please ignore.

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