Gad, I’ve been a bit of a manic gasbag, haven’t I? Time for a break. Happily, the Internet is full of more sober and edifying content, such as this review of Dawkins’ latest.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Good review. Thanks.

  2. I was under the impression that “manic gasbag” was my department. You’re supposed to be on “bleakly trenchant observations.” Stick to your beat.

  3. For the postcollegiate, culturally savvy tastemakers who exert such disproportionate influence over online experience, the internet is above and beyond all else a resentment machine.”

    Would like to seem some Korrektiv action over at the New Inquiry. Their editorial board doesn’t appear to have any talent molded by mediocre liturgies.

  4. Western Distributist says

    I can stop talking for five minutes… really I can… I can… I can stop talking now… I am done talking… this isn’t talking… I’m holding my breath now… really… really… really… umm, don’t hold your breath…

  5. I understood the first time. Perhaps a greater mind than yours.

  6. His I mean, not mine.

    • Let’s talk some more about that, maybe set up a Tumblr account to chronicle the conversation. It’s important that we archive absolutely everything for future impoverished generations.

  7. But more to the point: what if the Internet were not “created” as such, but only placed here by aliens? Beings with far greater intellectual capacity than the dry-humping of our neuron-firing synapses, the ones we fool ourselves into believing to be something called reason but which are in fact merely the psycho-instinctual equivalent of dog’s drool.

    Aristotle, Homer, Sophocles, Dante, Aquinas, Shakespeare, Milton, Newman…Meh. They are recording nothing more than the drool of the tribe.

    Even Dawkins is only drooling. But at least his drool is super drool. The kind you can’t just get anywhere. The kind that can only be placed here by aliens. Beings with far greater intellectual capacity than our own… etc.


  8. The Laconic Catholic says

    Dry-humping neurons…

    Is that what you learned at TAC?

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