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  1. My husband says those are called “marketing bunnies.”

  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says


  3. My comment was removed.

  4. Hey, I work in Marketing. Why aren’t there any bunnies around here?

    “And even teeth. There’s a rare, fair feature. She smiled to excess, but she chewed with great distinction.”

  5. And yet, just think how much further the cover could have gone had they included such teasers, a la Cosmopolitan, as:

    “Ten Ways to Perform Root Canal – and Keep Them Begging for More!”

    “‘My Oral Suction Unit Broke Down in Mid-Exam!'”

    “Drilling Techniques to Make Even Your Hygenist Scream!”

    “Dr. Ruth Talks about Her Favorite Barrier Methods – Against Plaque Build-up!”

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

      You should try this approach for ‘The Catholic Times’, as well, Mr JOB. Maybe even see if Mr Aparicio at ‘Dappled Things’ would be willing to give it a shot: If ‘beauty will save the world’, imagine the cosmic importance of beauty tips.

      The ‘San Diego Reader’ can continue as-is.

  6. notrelatedtoted says

    Leggy supermodels! Helicopters! Ominous briefcases!

    I should have become an orthodontist.

  7. When is Dappled Things coming out? I have a feeling I’ve paid for it more than once and never received a copy.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

      And for all this, nothing is ever sent;
      There lies the queerest strangeness not un-near;
      And though that comment in the grey box went
      Oh, nothing, but a waste of white, appears

      • You can write your clever comments, but you’ve taken my money.

        • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

          For what it’s worth, Churchill, I don’t work for Dappled Things.

          My only connection to that magazine to date is a donation I sent last year. I haven’t even subscribed or submitted anything to them yet, much less do I work for them.

          I do wish you luck in getting some satisfaction from them.

  8. Jonathan Webb says

    My favorite show after Mad Men and LA Law. It sizzles.

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