The Heartland Youth for Decency Memorial Park

Do you recall the Heartland Youth

For Decency, how they came West

To save us from our sorry state:

Grown rank with sin and long of tooth?

The tramp stamp and the half-bared breast

Still gripped us, though we weren’t sure why;

Our fires having gone to ash.

They swore they’d never share our fate

Still itching when we came to die

Still wanting flesh despite the lash.

They brought Ohio, God, and grace

Their supple selves in modest dress

But offered love that looked like hate

And Jesus darkened up the place –

Salvation via full-court press.

But youth of every kind will fade

Those Decent kids themselves are old

And now the time is growing late.

We made a park – two trees, some shade

Skin is California’s gold.


  1. Very good poem.

  2. Quite good in fact

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    My husband rocks!

    The aloof ,Mrs. Lickona

  4. You don’t need to mention your wife. I’m married myself.

  5. Mr. Churchill says

    Indeed, as you Yankees are wont to say, “My wife rocks!”

    the invisible, Mr. Churchill

  6. Thanks.

  7. Jonathan Webb says

    Good poem. Thanks.

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