Hell in a Handbasket

Hell in a Handbasket A hymn by Jonathan Potter, forthcoming in the Korrektiv Katholic Hymn Book, p. 372.


  1. Sounds like somebody needs to sing his presentation at the conference. Pack your guitar.

  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

    Mr. Potter,

    Can you help me find the guitar tabs for this one? (I’ve already got the parts for drum and tambourine down cold.)


    ‘As We Gather’
    Copyright 1986 by OmniCatholicProducts

    VERSE 1:

    Gather ’round, for all are able,
    Take the wine and broken bread.
    Leave your fears upon the table,
    Pick up peace and love instead.


    As we gather at this table
    Sharing in this special meal,
    We sing stories, dreams, and dances,
    Tell each other how we feel.

    VERSE 2:

    Put aside all fear and anger
    As we open wide the door.
    We are justice for the stranger,
    We are judgment for the poor.


    VERSE 3:

    Yesterday’s a passing shadow,
    Stained-glass prisons of the past.
    Face the sunrise of tomorrow:
    We the Church are free at last.


    VERSE 4:

    Praise the Planet, praise our Mother,
    Brother Sun and Sister Moon.
    Let us labor with each other,
    Changing Earth to Heaven soon.


  3. Just … awesome. Your guitar sounds as good as I’ve ever heard you play it.

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