Pope Fails in History

How long until Season 2 of The Borgias?

Kidding.  Season 1 was a big fat disappointment.  Which is not to say I didn’t watch it.


  1. Is that a mind map?

  2. What’s the quote from?

  3. Is it from good ol’ Thomas Nast (inventor of American Santa Claus)? Love him or hate him, he sure did know how to make a catholic feel important.

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

    The best thing about that cartoon is its efficiency: Swap out a few words, replace the Papal tiara with a Pickelhaube or a top hat, and — hey presto! — it’s Teutonic aggression! It’s Tammany Hall! It’s Standard Oil!

    And speaking of efficiency: Instead of separate shows about the Borgias and the Tudors, couldn’t similar results have been reached more economically with a single series about the Stuarts?

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