1. A sting in the tail perhaps.

  2. Family’s important, and then work and study and colleagues, but at the moment I am perhaps happiest, in the sense of experiencing joy or something, on the street after I leave work, in the sunshine, and in the crowd, contemplating the pleasure and privilege of having something small to eat. And before I go to sleep.

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Churchill: You should join us in New Orleans for The Moviegoer conference. I know you’re not a big fan of Walker Percy, but it’d be a lark! Aren’t you due for a jaunt across the pond? Got any frequent flyer mileage?

  3. They finally posted my grumpy comment. Now maybe Southern Expat will smile.

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Made me smile.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

      Go to the text.

      ‘Korrektiv’ lives up to its name.

    • I’ve kept an eye on Korrektiv for a while. But that’s it, Matthew. My copy of “Scapulars” is headed for the secondhand bookstore today. 😉

      In my defense, your julep objection was noted and addressed in an earlier draft that got cut for space reasons. As far as the distinction between aestheticism (which Percy says he prefers) and connoisseurship, I’m not quite following where you think I think Percy endorses the latter. Though he rejects connoisseurship, does not Percy also praise the “explosion of Kentucky sunshine” and the “hot bosky bite of Tennessee summertime”? (As a native Tennessean who also lived a long while in Kentucky, these images appeal.) And isn’t taking a shot at modern malaise a distinctive personal act?

      Of course just being a Percy reader and not a Percy scholar, I may finally just have to fall back on Hilaire Belloc’s defense of one of his own books, “It is full of howlers and is the fruit of liberty.” The piece is admittedly probably more about what I think about bourbon while reading Percy than it is about what Percy thought about bourbon.

      It’s my first piece w/ FT. I am honored that it warranted your grumpiness. I write more to learn myself than to impart.


      • Matthew Lickona says

        Oh, hellfire, what am I supposed to do with that kind of gracious reply? Thank God you had enough spite in you to remainder the little book, even if you did soften the blow with that terrifying emoticon. (I didn’t know Korrektiv even had the equipment for such things.) Kudos to you, sir.

        I thought you were shading into connoisseurship when you suggested that Percy thought “taste, aroma, and appearance” were good reasons for a drink. Sounds more like Clifton Webb on the Cap D’Antibes, at least in the context of Percy’s essay. The explosion and bite you mention are both straight up effects of alcohol, at least to my way of thinking. I suppose someone might take me to task for such a reductionist view – sunshine is sweet, after all. But that’s what I was getting at.

        Taking a shot at modern malaise is indeed a distinctive personal act. I guess I thought there was more desperation in it than your essay suggested.

        But as I say, there was much good in your piece, and I stand humbled and decidedly less grumpy in light of your kind response. Congrats on your first foray into FT, and come see us at the Walker Percy Writer’s Conference in New Orleans!

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