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Well well well

Matty boy’s up and at ’em over at Dappled Things.

Take a look while we all await for the next issue to come out – our fingers, even now, eagerly flipping phantom pages….


  1. Jonathan Webb says:

    Now I know I’m not the only one who thought of Powers while watching Vol. 2. No support group necessary thanks to Matthew.

    Lickona deserves 2K for that excellent article.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says:

    Didn’t I read this Dappled Things article before? Was it posted here or somewhere else?

    • CM,

      No, it’s an oldy but goody, for sure. But I happened across it in my daily treks to DT’s website and figgered I’d draw attention to it, if only to see Matthew in action again, onemoretime….


  3. As it happens, I read it. Then I thought about it. I probably won’t write about it though.

  4. Jonathan Webb says:

    He should get a C Note for every little movie review and six figures for his script doctoring with Carrie Fisher.

  5. Jonathan Webb says:

    It cost ten large for him just to come into town and you better have a capuccino ready with those little lemon cookies.

  6. Jonathan Webb says:
  7. Jonathan Potter says:

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