To hurl—on wheels and board—oneself upon
A curving plane that uses gravity
To bring a blending of geometry and bone

Is one way to describe the breaking dawn
Of simple unexpected sanity
That turns the wheels and board one’s self’s upon

When dropping in and tuning out the spawn
Of shallow crowded life’s cacophony
To bring a bending of geometry and bone

Pythagorean-like when now it hits the brain
Reflecting back from later history
To hurl the wheels and boards these thoughts are on,

To wonder at one’s youth and scattered train
Of visions climbing caves of memory,
To blink at blinding light’s geometry and bone,

To light the heavens up, undone, alone,
For one sweet moment’s flagrant mystery,
To hurl—on wheels and board—oneself upon
The burning blending of geometry and bone.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    The Pot delivers a triple into the gap.

  2. Nice! I’d make a video of it, with a cute blonde going back and forth on the half-pipe in slow motion. Cut to scenes of you riding the escalator in a mall, reciting this poem.

  3. Most impressive is that the poem is one long, uninterrupted sentence without a modicum of herniation – good great job!

    That said, I think the video should, to imitate the poem, be one long tracking sequence of you on a board, floating in the air on your board between the dips and turns made possible by managing a variety of stunts and obstacles.

    Kinda like this:


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