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Portrait of the Poet as a Young Skate Punk

That’s me in the blue helmet, age 16 …


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Good skateboarding. At what point do the endorphins kick in, cresting or descending? Does it go well with autism?

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    And were you aware that the person taking the movies was trying to connect with you on an emotional level or were they just part of the landscape?

    • Jonathan Potter says

      I think it might have been my camera and film I’d spent good money on, so I wanted him not to waste any. Economics!

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    After a while you say to yourself, “I’m tired” and you let your friend go back and forth. Then after a few minutes you say to yourself, “I’m rested” and you resume going back and forth. Then you stop and smoke a bowl and eat a bag of chips then say, “I want to skateboard some more.” Then you do until you get tired again. Then it’s time for bed.

    • Jonathan Potter says

      This could be the opening paragraph of one of your fables. Run with it!

    • Jonathan Potter says

      You got it pretty much spot on. But then there are further complications, of course.

    • Jonathan,

      Did you read a lot of Gertrude Stein as a boy?

      Astonishing. I think this world needs more fables – and Korrektiv Press ought to be the one to do it!


  4. I’m so proud that there’s a “Skateboarding” category now.

  5. Chilling.

  6. Jonathan,

    “You came here in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”


  7. Ah, back when we had the sense to wear protective equipment when riding in a half pipe… or maybe we were just bigger wimps.

  8. Jonathan Webb says

    No smarter. Potter got on me once for wearing safety glasses mowing the lawn. Safety first!

  9. Jonathan Webb says

    Churhill, is it really as chilling as living on the dole all your life and then looting and burning.

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