A Joint Message From the Departments of Wiseassery and Self-Loathing

“As for hobbies, people with stimulating hobbies suffer from the most noxious of despairs since they are tranquilized in their despair.”

– Walker Percy, The Moviegoer

As for me, I cannot think of a more noxiously despairing hobby than making a study of a writer who treated of the despair contained in hobbies and then gathering with a bunch of other hobbyists engaged in the same noxiously despairing business and talking about it.  Oh, sweet fancy Moses on toast, the malaise.

[Looks like somebody finally reread The Moviegoer in preparation for New Orelans…]


  1. I think press releases are supposed to be a little less oblique.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Got it nailed as usual. This will be remembered as The Age of Bullshit.

  3. Jonathan Webb says
  4. Jonathan Potter says

    When I was working on my master’s thesis, re-reading all the books and all the flatulent criticism and whatnot, I felt more ironically akin to Binx’s growing disinterest in the pig study and increasing interest in the dust motes floating in the shaft of sunlight shining in the window of the lab … wanted to just hang it all and go in quest of the spirit of summer.

    What we should do is all show up and get rip-roaring drunk on Early Times right before our presentations.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Count on the drunk part. Early Times is rough going, though.

      • Says who? It’s pure Go-To rather.

        Also, I picked up the Early Times 365 or whatever whatnot it is during a recent outing in North Carolina. Comes in a Knob Creekish looking bottle. A bit better than the rectacubic bottled stuff.

        Still, vodka for me, thank you, if we’re talking about a tear-through.


        • Matthew Lickona says

          And I’ll drink tequila. No sense going for the purely imitative, is there?

          • Jonathan Potter says

            Maybe they’ll be serving those fancy mint juleps again.

          • Matthew,

            Can you really drink that much tequila in a ripper? I mean, we don’t want you to start thinking you’re invisible or something…

            In other words, is there a way to achieve ramming speed with a sipping tequila? Nothing against it, mind you; I got two different bottles of pure agave goodness in the cabinet mesself – but I’m worried that you’re bringing a bb gun to an elephant hunt is all.

            Just remember: I got your back, man.


            • Matthew Lickona says

              Potter: I will never never never have more than one julep. Sugar turns alcohol deadly for me.

              JOB: You know, it’s a good question.

  5. Churchill says

    Is he being serious about hobbies? I never finished the book.

  6. Cubeland Mystic says


    What exactly is a “Joint Message”?

    Just curious.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      It’s a swift kick in the knee.

      Or else it’s something that comes to you while deeply high.

      Or else it’s a message delivered jointly.

      Or else it’s a message expressing sentiments which are jointly held.

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