“A distant sun of indistinct desires…”


Thus dark and light revisited
Are such loving envoys
To witness what’s exhibited:
No one living destroys
Such mysteries unlimited –
What believing enjoys!


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Renewing human civilisation one poem at time.

  2. Churchill says

    When’s the series going to finish?

  3. Churchill,

    How many hours in a day?


    • Jonathan Potter says

      I’m waiting to read all 24 in one sitting.

      • JP,


        For their fifth annivesary (Aug. 28), I’m thinking of putting them out in a boxed set with full sized posters of the main characters in each DVD sleeve, complete with deleted lines and alternate endings, a flip book showing the storyboard mock-up development in process, and audio commentary by Keiffer Sutherland.


  4. Jonathan Webb says

    How did she survive the riots?

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