You lost. So, like, get oover it, ay?

The Good and the Ills (or, The Theogony of Mob Rule)

All the Goods were once driven out by the Ills from that common share which they each had in the affairs of mankind; for the Ills by reason of their numbers had prevailed to possess the earth. The Goods wafted themselves to heaven, and asked for a righteous vengeance on their persecutors. They entreated Zeus that they might no longer be associated with the Ills, as they had nothing in common and could not live together, but were engaged in unceasing warfare, and that an indissoluble law might be laid down for their future protection. Zeus gratned their request, and decreed that henceforth the Ills should visit the earth in company with each other, but that the Goods should one by one enter the habitations of men. Hence it arises that Ills abound, for they come not one by one, but in troops, and by no means singly: while the Goods proceed from Zeus, and are given not alike to all, but singly, and separately; and one by one to those who are able to discern them.  – Aesop

In other news, Miami police are monitoring the situation closely.



  1. Jonathan Webb says

    It’s even more of a laughfest when people riot after their team wins. I remember after the 49ers won their first Super Bowl, I had the impression even then that people were rioting because it wasn’t enough to fill the spiritual void.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I found this comment on an article elsewhere:

    “I have news for everyone. You’re going to see more and more examples of detached youth, that is, youth who have no sense of empathy, responsibility, or civic duty. Can I blame the parents? Yes, unfortunately yes. This generation is one raised on video games and reality shows, one given DS and DVD players in restaurants to shut them up because it’s easier to deal with kids that way. One where both parents work and have their children raised by indifferent nannies who spend more time on the cell phone talking to their friends than talking to their charges. And when the parents are home, the kids are using computer games or watching television, or going to their “lessons.” Sure, the parents are law abiding citizens, but do they actually raise and take care of their children? Who is teaching the kids morality?

    “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a parent say, I can’t get my daughter or son to go to bed, to cooperate, etc. And these kids are only 4 years old. The parents don’t get it. Who wears the pants in these families? The kids. The parents are too exhausted to be bothered to actually “parent.”

    “To those of you who think I couldn’t possibly have children and am heartless for blaming the parents, I am a parent, and I consider the moral education of my kids to be more important than anything, like a water polo scholarship. Empathy is key to being a good person, and to know how to do the right thing. My daughter turned in a 0.25 piece to the school office when she found it.

    “Why do you think Reena Virk was murdered having her head held underwater while others stood around and did nothing? How did a girl get gang raped at a rave and so many people stood by watching and recording the act? Why did all this rioting occur and everyone stand around cheering, or simply “observing” and taking pictures for Facebook? It’s a lost generation, and you can expect to see more of these types of people with the inability to feel for their fellow human beings.”

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