Then it’s true! – Catholics DO read The Catholic Times!

For that reason, I hope everyone here at the Korrektiv makes some timie to visit Joyce Uhlir over at West Central Wisconsin Catholic.

Ms. Uhlir was kind enough to go through the trouble to hunt down me and then my editors for permission to reprint one of my articles from our diocesan newsaper. She’s doing good work up Nort’ of us here in southwestern Badgerland.  

And look! Better than stamps or coins or missionaries’ shrunken heads, the WCWC folks collect – Stained Glass windows!

As a side note, (the image under discussion is a bit provocative, so for those queasy about too much flesh – even tastefully done – a forwarning!) speaking of Rachel weeping for her children, here’s this with an explanation here. Stirring, to say the least. And a sign of hope, if Mr. Gjertson’s talent is a sign of anything…


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Fair and balanced, just like Fox News.

    Good stuff, thumbs up.

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