Korrektiv Parenting: The Big Splash

My folks gave us this book, 1-2-3 Magic, a couple of years ago. We let it sit around for a year and eventually, reluctantly picked it up. It has been nothing short of a giant dose of sanity that has transformed our household. The key is not in the counting, although that sets up a useful framework. But the real key is in the two concepts touched on in this clip: namely, avoiding too much talking and too much emotion when disciplining your kids. What happens when you violate these two principles—especially if your kid is as formidable an opponent as my eldest—is you, the adult, end up throwing the tantrum, creating the big splash that so satisfies the inner old Adam or Eve of the disempowered child.


  1. We have that book. They say it works better if you actually get it down off the shelf.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    We need to get that, big time. Thanks.

  3. There’s also a “Love and Logic” series that’s a big deal. A principal at a high school I taught at in Dallas introduced me to it.


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