Eye candy for the soul

Taken by Liturgist Bro-in-Lo on the camping opportunity-rich family farm on June 25, Feast of St. Adalbert*, Irish missionary to Friesland (northern Netherlands).

*The Ol’ Adalbertster is no doubt responsible for bringing whisky to the Dutch, who proceeded to throw junipers and shit in it, leaving us with something called gin. I know, I know – history says the first gin-soaker in a wooden shoe took place at the residence of Dr. Franciscus Sylvius, a Dutch physician who, incidentally, first popularized for the Hollish William Harvey’s theory of the blood circulating through the body**. But who you going to believe – a people whose economy is based on tulip bulbs, windmills and dykes (both kinds!) or a nation which produces saints, poets and sometimes both at the same time? And besides, the Irish have their own version of everything.

**Good thing, too; he probably knew a thing or two about remedies to gin’s severe pollution damage.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Humbolt Von Fleisher among us!

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