“…courtship’s end…”

Inspired by Jack Bauer and a comment by SEP, I’ve shown a bit more of my hand – or would that be a trotter?


  1. JOB, have you thought about using a program like Audioboo to record yourself reading your poems? It’s super-easy and doesn’t really require any fancy equipment. You can then upload the Audioboo file right to your blog (and to this one, if you want.)

  2. Also – are you going to use the “Nature…key of grace” motif as a unifying theme?

    Inquiring readers want to know; perhaps we should just wait for Jack Bauer, though.

  3. C’mon! I knoww it’s a 16th century poem I’m cribbing, but do I have to do all the work mesself?

    (Yes, DS, it’s the refrain, per Spenser.)


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