This used to be called “Presuming on God’s Mercy and/or Grace”

Yet another example of bad Catholics behaving badly:

“As I write these words, images of young people streaming into the streets in front of the White House chanting “USA” and singing the National Anthem are coming onto the television screen. If it were not so late and I did not have an early morning, I would drive down myself. Vengeance is not a healthy emotion, I know. Assassination is against the law, to be sure. But, better to indulge and go to confession. I am glad Osama bin Laden did not die in his bed, as I am glad Hitler did not die in his bed and as I am distressed that Stalin and Mao did. Men who commit such evil do not deserve normal considerations of human sympathy or civilized respect. The world is well rid of bin Laden. It is a great day to be alive.”

In the meantime, let us please pray for a timely retraction of this embarrassing admission from the volatile, wayward (and even imprecise)  fingers of Mr. Winters.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    I guess today, we are all Republicans? Seriously, Mr. Winters. Vengeance is not an emotion at all. And vengeance is the Lord’s, as He reminds us. Would he have joined the chants of “Fuck Osama!” on the University of Delaware campus if he had been in the neighborhood? “Men who do such evil do not deserve normal considerations of human sympathy or civilized respect.” How about charity and justice? Do men who do such evil not deserve those? Mr. Winters: Did Christ die for the sins of Osama bin Laden? Oh, Lord, listen to me, ranting in the comments section of my own damn blog. Pathetic.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Is that statue a parody? Because we can all believe it isn’t.

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