Have Blog, Will Travel

Amy Welborn has a new blog, done up by the same lovely blogmaker who did up this here blog. Go thou, checkest it out.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Very nice looking.

  2. Why, thank you kindly, gentlemen.

  3. Southern Expat says

    Pay no mind to the following series of comments.

  4. Southern Expat says


  5. Southern Expat says

    Genesis Connect without Buddypress.

  6. Southern Expat says

    Genesis Connect with Buddypress.

  7. Southern Expat says

    Genesis Simple Sidebars.

  8. Southern Expat says


  9. Southern Expat says

    Share and Follow.

  10. Southern Expat says

    Widget Logic.

  11. WP Touch.

  12. Buddypress, Visual subtitle on, no subtitle on post.

  13. Buddypress, with Genesis Connect. Visual subtitle on, no subtitle on post.

  14. Share and Follow, buddypress off, Visual subtitle on.

  15. Share and Follow and Buddypress on, Visual Subtitle off.

  16. Testing the comments.

  17. Me, too. More testing.

  18. Not Real Person says

    Testing again.

  19. Dorian Speed says

    Weird. So, when I didn’t include a website and used a different email address, I didn’t get an error message. I’m leaving this comment as myself but without a link to a website.

  20. Dorian Speed says

    Super-weird. I did get an error message with the previous comment. I’m trying again, using an email address that is not registered with this site.

  21. And now I’m trying again, using an email address not associated with this website, but including the URL of the site in the Website field of the posting-comment section.

  22. Next test: the post now has a subtitle (it didn’t on the last three comments.) Using an email not associated with this website but with URL of the site in the website field.

  23. Now I’m using an email associated with this website. Still not logged in, though.

  24. A comment

  25. Southern Expat says

    Testing a comment once again, logged in.

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