What the Flarf?

So, here I was minding my own business on an overcast western Wisconsin morning when all of a sudden I come across this essay routed by this website, fluming this commentary as well.

So Flarfing away, I decided to try it. The first two seemingly disparate words that came to mind were “Ulysses” and “Crucible.”

I’m not sure I did it exactly as the dictates of the “form” require, but the experiment yielded interesting results nonetheless, results which I humbly submit to your endearing approval or enduring acrimony:

Ulysses Crucible

 More than two decades after,
Here was an ideal tactical crucible –
As theory it was already exalting;
To demonstrate it, it must be tested
In what Dostoevsky called
                             ‘the crucible of doubt’
Packed with charcoal
And submitted to a high furnace-heat –
            Fueled by competitive prices
            And custom sizes…
For some of us, the earliest memories
Of the name Ulysses Simpson Grant
                                   May not have been from
Pennsylvania climate data
Or Civil War Petersberg –
            At any rate, competitive prices
           And custom sizes –
Rather the chapter gathers together
All the characters…
                             But I keep on forgetting about
This one solid truth about Ulysses:
     Anger and jealousy destroyed
     The passage through Dublin
            In a series of competitive prices
            And custom sizes…
After all, companies have developed
Their leadership skills
In the crucible of a new culture.


  1. Churchill says

    April 8th is a good date – it was a friend’s birthday, when I was a child, although I’m not sure now which friend it was.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Probably someone with whom you attended game parties and played pin-the-tail-upon-the-donkey.

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