Something to Consider

Poetry is Dead. The guy has a point. It’s true that by and large no one would notice if poetry disappeared from the world. Eventually we would notice a dead spot on the soul, however.


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    Welcome to the desert of the real!

    Poetry is dead. Geez tell me about it. It makes it tough when you are mystic. You have to spell things out for the people. For example, I can’t roll into a village and say something like “The shadow descends and blood flows like a river.” It pisses them off. “What’s that supposed to mean Mystic!?” Then you got to hand hold them through your message. You have to come up with a program, rent a conference room at Kinkos, and convert your apocalyptic message into a power point presentation. They expect a dog and pony show. Then the people challenge your numbers and such. “Mystic, Can you quantify ‘Rivers of blood’? Mystic, Can you spell that out for us?” Then they want to know who’s funding you, and if you’ve informed the government. Have you ever tried to affect societal change by using metaphors on a government bureaucrat? WTF! It so bad you can’t even make a freaking literary reference.

    Seriously, can someone tell me how to translate the words of angels into a string of memorable sound bytes? I am telling you the whole thing is coming to an end, not with a bang, but an incredulous vacant whimper. That Newsweek dude nailed it.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Thanks Mystic. Maybe the poetry is there, like love, precious in those rare moments when it can be shared, even in the powerpoint and the bad conference room coffee.

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