“Listen here, The Matrix is a terrible movie.”

In which the wondrous Ms. Fisher reviews the Escriva pic There Be Dragons, and I come thisclose to getting into a combox debate.  Hoo!


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    I was momentarily startled when you called him a jerk.

  2. If only they had listened to us! What’s wrong with these people?

    (Seriously, the final product sounds exactly like the rough cut we saw a year ago.)

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    If only they would do a movie about the founder of The Legionaries of Christ.

  4. Cubeland Mystic says

    I think we need a Cubeland Mystic Film Festival. I say we do it in Maui.

    Apocalypse Now

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Lickona, my new hero. Agree with everything you said.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Extended Apocalypse Now?

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