Here, have another drink…

The spirit-world’s  homage to Minuit’s $24-worth of wampum real estate.


  1. Churchill says

    Thank you. There’s none in the house.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Let me run to the corner shop and buy some then, along with some crisps. Paprika okay?

    Thanks Matthew. Obviously The Reader picked the right man for the job.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Ha! This one is JOB! But you’re right about them picking the right man for the JOB. Er, job.

      • Matthew,

        I saw your comment and thought you were going to wield massive invective against Mr. Laufman’s 1-2 ration – you prefer the 1-3, no?


        • Matthew Lickona says

          I’m trying (trying) to stay offline for Lent – except for this site, of course. So I haven’t read Mr. Laufman’s recipe. But 1-2? Ye gods! Here at home, it’s 1-4. We’ve been using Noilly-Pratt vermouth of late, and Bulleit Bourbon from Trader Joe’s. Someday, I’ll invest in some bitters instead of my stand-in hunk of orange rind.

          • Oh, my apologies, I thought that dispensation included all the links herein.

            I’ll send along to you via email.

            So, you’re up to 1-4, huh? A sign that midlife crisis is right around the… corner!

            But that’s OK – Seth’s recipe calls for rye. And I think there’s something very interesting that happens when you use rye. It’s perhaps the driest of the whiskies. Little sweetness to it, etc. But on top of that, the recipe calls for a stir not a shake. That stir might have something to do with cutting the sweentess of the vermouth, too. At any rate, it really is something else. If the bourbon Manhatto is velvet and the brandy M is linen, then the rye M is definitely silk.

            But – try for yourself!


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    The saintly Mrs Webb will be gifting me with Japanese whiskey for Easter. I’ll post a review on the korrektiv on facebook using wifi.

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