1. Churchill says

    I don’t understand what’s her song and what’s the analysis – or is it a spoof?

    I’m too old to know much about Lady Gaga, although she looks intelligent.

  2. Churchill says

    I imagine it is a spoof, and uglier than anything she would come up with herself.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Churchill – the Biblical analysis is over at New York magazine’s site – you can get there by clicking the term “Biblical analysis” in the post. Everything here is straight up Lady Gaga lyrics.

  3. Ear condom? Now that’s what I need! Where can I gets me one of doze?


  4. Jonathan Webb says

    What’s not to be in love with, in the cavalier sense.

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    L.C., do you mean “spoof” in the Dudley Moore/Peter Cook sense of the word? Because I’m afraid those days are over. Unfortunately for us all, she really loves Judas.

    And all those women in Bhurkas down the lane aren’t spoofing either. No, it’s not some kind of mass conceptual art project, and the bombs going off in the tube stations are filled with pinata candy either.

  6. Churchill says

    Is there any facility for uploading family videos onto this site?

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Well, those movie re-enactments involved my brother and me. What do you mean by family? Kids and such?

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    The “holy fool” reference intrigues me. I haven’t followed all her gyrations, but I can sort of see how she might view herself that way. If so, that could be her saving grace. But alas probably not.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      She said somewhere that the song is written from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. You know, the first person to see the resurrected Christ.

  8. hmm. Most of the Catholic girls at my college love her/her music. They aren’t that serious about their faith, I guess; its just something as a reaction against their (cultural) Catholic upbringing and a result of poor catechising.

  9. The meta tags on these posts are what keep me coming back to Korrektiv.

    In related news, and I’m not going to link because she doesn’t deserve linky goodness, YOU HEAR ME? – apparently, she did consent to let Weird Al do a parody video of “Born This Way.” I’m disappointed, because I thought her initial refusal (supposedly done by her manager without her knowledge) was a great way of alerting the public to her epic over-seriousness about her Art.

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