I drank another drink!

 Why do men fear the pink?


  1. Not me, brother. This is quite close to the house cocktail, the Suburban, except that we use pure cranberry juice (more bitterness!) and fresh-squeezed OJ instead of Mandarin vodka. But good on ya with this piece!

    • Matthew,

      The ‘burban sounds great! The name is an antonymic play on the Cosmo, I’m guessing?

      Next time I stop in, have one waiting for me!

      I actually asked Ms. Daley (prior to tasting myself) why OJ/vodka couldn’t be substituted. The Svedka infused Clementine brand claims “natural” for whatever that’s worth – and so, because or despite that claim, the infusion is actually surprisingly subtle. It doesn’t, as I’d expected it to, taste like St. Joseph’s Children’s Aspirin, but has a disarmingly guileless fruitiness about it. The lime helps keep it in line, too, I think.

      I like the idea of pure, unsweetened cran-juice – especially since the stuff is in easy supply hereabouts just south of Bogland, Wis.

      Also, I’ve been told the Clementine (Svedka) has a different, more appealing taste than the Mandarin (Absolut) infusion. As much as it will pain me to do so, I may have to undertake some further investigation into the matter… You know. Just to be sure.


      • ImeldaJean says

        I can attest to the glories of the Suburban, as Mr. Lickona is thoughtful enough to mix them regularly for me.

        I should add, JOB, that I’m coming to rely upon your mixology columns to get me through a particularly difficult patch. (The margarita recipe is permanently attached to my fridge.)

        Not that I’m accusing you gentlemen of enabling, or anything.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says

    Fear pink? Depends on the context Holmes. 😉

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    The hangover factor.

  4. CM,



  5. Jonathan Potter says


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