I drank a drink!


The closest thing to that curious oxymoron known as an Irish cocktail



  1. Best post title ever. Congrats, old man.

  2. Sweeeet! Thanks, man!


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Was that a Les Miserables reference (I’m a tad slow)?

    Powers is terrific, cheaper and at least as good as the other leading brand stocked by EMP.

    I’d drink it every day if I could!

    • J-Webb,

      It is the definitive go-to whisky in my book.

      The bottle’s shape is very appealing, as well.

      I tryto quote and/or allude to the works of frogs as infrequently possible – a certain Catholic memoirist being the rare, iconoclastic exception – but I missed what you might have missed. Les Miserables?


  4. notrelatedtoted says

    I’ve always been suspicious of Irish coffee. I love coffee, and I love whiskey, but something about mixing them together….it’s just disappointing. And God help you if it involves whipped cream.

    • I said the same thing – almost verbatim to Canisius on the porch as we shucked equal parts whisky and tobacco. Nonetheless, as with late-empire Latin poets and Vachel Lindsay, I have a weakness for the IC – especially in the morning, either a) on Sunday after Mass or b) on opening morning of deer season. And Mr. O’Neil’s recipe is the best I’ve come across yet. It’s the brown sugar, I tell ye, the brown sugar!


  5. Jonathan Webb says

    It’s a song from the show, the most famous cover being found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PPlkOyaqaQ

    And notrelatedtoted, try going straight to the irish whiskey and whipped cream. Skip the coffee. I like to use it from a can as a chaser.

    • Well, I liked the part about “no wine untasted” etc.

      So there’s a conneciton, I guess.

      But actually, I was intoning Matthew’s “I wrote a story…a review…an insurancy policy…” etc.

      But just as well – I wondered for a while who this Boyle broad was.

      Impressive voice. Could she do Mozart or Palestrina, I wonder.


  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Probably not, maybe a one-hit wonder.

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